Women in the Wild

Photo: Scott Crady

Howling Shores’ purpose is to cultivate a safe community that empowers, educates, and encourages women (and lgbtqi+ individuals) in the outdoors by sharing personal stories, instilling confidence, sharing resources, and simply building a community of badass ladies, no matter age, life experience, or background.

Through these stories, photos, and relationships, we hope to promote growth of all kind and support all outdoor goals while surrounding ourselves with like minded women who inspire us to become better individuals. 

Howling Shores has reached out to women that have inspired and empowered their community. Here are their stories on being a lady in the outdoor world – whether they share their struggles of finding the confidence to hop on a bike for the first time or their achievements of finishing the Iditarod – We hope you find yourself inspired to get outside and overcome anything that stands in the way of you becoming your best self! (and a badass b****!!!)

If you would like to share with us, please contact me at slalondes23@gmail.com I, Sam Lalonde would love to hear from you!

Isabelle Wellman

Flannels from home

As I began neatly packing the car full of my belongings, aggressively trying to fit pretty much everything I owned into the back, I hear “Heres my flannel for when you miss a bit of home.” I turned around to see my teary eyed father handing over one of his favorite flannels. He knew I…

Outdoor women: rugged, fierce, esoteric, agile, brilliant, prevailing.

Written by: Isabelle Wellman (she/her) Outdoor women: rugged, fierce, esoteric, agile, brilliant, prevailing. These are a few of the exuberant words that color my mind as I reminisce on my personal experiences as a woman in the wild, as well as a woman being inspired and supported by other vigorous women. It’s no coincidence that…

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